We polled ourselves, and we have spoken.

Where do we eat every month, every week, or maybe even every day?  What are our takeout spots and lunch stops? Where do we order "the usual"?  What is our usual order?

This is our semi-trusty field guide to our favorite places. [Editor's Note: We may have horrible taste.  This is more confessional than instructional.  ]

...more towns/entries coming soon...

If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

Duo Bistro
"For dinner, always the smoked brisket. Always."

The Anchor
"The Dumb Won - Burger (Fleisher's) w/ Cream Cheese, Jalapenos and Bacon."


Bfast Biscuit for breakfast
Jethro Burger for lunch (though I hear the Full Nielsen is next level.)

"Chicken Bowl with everything."
"Bowl. White rice + Black Beans + Veggies + Double Meat (any meat will do) + mild and medium salsa + everything else down the line. Chips. Chipotle tobasco." 


Santa Fe
"Wednesday night is wing night: 12 Spicy Mexican Buffalo and 6 Bourbon BBQ

Bread Alone (Lake Katrine)
"Hudson River Breakfast"


Five Guys
"Cheeseburger with Jalapeños and Ketchup."

Yum Yum Noodle Bar
"Pad Thai w/ Roast Pork. Side of Kimchi."

"Pork a la Pibil and the Memelitas"


"Wednesday night is Prime Rib night.  Sometimes I'll sub french fries for mash potatoes."

Main Street
"Baja Fish Tacos"


"Hot Roast Beef sub with a side of mayo. Proceed to dip the sub in the mayo with each bite."

The Dutch Tavern
"The Pilgrim with a side of gravy, cranberry sauce and sour cream. Spread the cranberry onto the sandwich then proceed to dip in the sour cream and then the gravy."


"Bone-in wings with BOTH the dry rub AND the medium sauce."

Dallas Hot Wieners (Saugerties/Kingston etc)
"Two Specials (Everything + Sauerkraut.) Dallas cheeseburger special w/ sauce and cheese on the fries."